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The focus of BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTS is to produce good planning and creative designs that will fit the need of the client.


Practicing since 1994, Marieke has 27 years’ experience as Architect. The firm was founded by Chris van der Westhuizen in 1979. After Marieke Botha joined the firm as partner in 1996, the name was changed to Van der Westhuizen Botha Architects. The two architects ran the business together for 12 years. At the end of 2006, Van der Westhuizen retired and Botha took over the firm. She currently trades the business under the name Beautiful Buildings Professional Architects.

“What is a beautiful building?” one may ask.

"If I was walking through a city, the beautiful building is the one that would make me follow the same route tomorrow, so that I might walk past it again." – Dr. HA Auret



Marieke Botha

Mrs Marieke Botha is a Professional Architect and sole owner of Van der Westhuizen Botha Architects CC, trading as “Beautiful Buildings Professional Architects”.



Marieke van Vuuren

Mrs Marieke van Vuuren is a Graphic designer, who specializes in 3D illustrations for Beautiful Buildings.


The firm is able to provide a full service, depending on the need of the client. A full service consists of the following:

Stage 1 - Inception: This includes briefing the client, getting all the relevant information, research, project programme, compiling the consultant team, etc.

Stage 2 - Concept design: Line drawings or discussion plans.

Stage 3 - Design development: Finalising design and realistic 3D renderings.

Stage 4 - Documentation: This can either be municipal drawings or full technical documentation.

Stage 5 - Construction: Tender process, contract administration, quality control up to final completion of the work. The architect acts as principal agent for the client and is responsible for the coordination (Project Management) of a project.


Project Management is an option for clients if they prefer a turn-key solution. After the tender process, the JBCC (building contract) is signed between the employer and the contractor, and is managed there-after. During construction, special attention is given to:

* Time management

* Cost management

* Quality management

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